get your friends out

 all photos and video taken with FUJIFILM X30 + FUJIFILM INSTAX

I'M BACK. I know I went dark for the last week, but it wasn't on purpose and you should be following me on instagram anyway. It's time. I was fully participating in the other side of my Hannah Montana deal, the part where I am 4-H Barbie. Our State Leadership Conference this summer was the culmination of 14 months of serving as a 2014-15 California 4-H State Ambassador, an adventure that not only brought the absolutely weirdest people ever into my life *cough* sallielylecolton *cough* but took me even deeper down the 4-H rabbit hole than I already was. As an Ambassador, I worked with my team to plan the conference, so that's what I've been doing. I also got to go to Disneyland, but if you missed the snapchats, you missed it, and there's nothing we can do (until I go again and remember my camera). I also had to wear the exact same outfit every day so there's no sartorial value at all.

The best thing about this week was that absolutely every single one of my insanely incredible friends was there. Over the last couple of months, I've had some deep thoughts about how important the people you surround yourself with are, and also realized that I've done a pretty decent job. I mean, they can't dance at all, but my humans are pretty great people. Plus, they usually have snacks on them.

I would like to put it out there that I am a terrible secret keeper because I usually am too excited to keep my mouth shut BUT in the next month, some REALLY BIG STUFF is happening, and you don't want to miss it. Stick around, bring your friends. We're about to go waaaay out there. 

Also, if your friends read this blog, they'll have one up on mine, who will probably never see this post ever and therefore never know that I say nice things about them to strangers. 

x J

ps. #ca4hsa15 (YOU'RE WELCOME)

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faking fitness

Here is a thing people do in the summer instead of actual fun stuff: work on their fitness. Gyms fill up, sneakers are dragged out of hiding, and the muscle tanks are pulled on. Here is a thing people also do: worry about how much more other people appear to be working out.

Don't do that.
 Here are some very handy tips on how to fake fitness, as illustrated in the photos above:

1. First, don some cute workout gear. Mine is Adidas NEO. (Also make sure you are wearing the wrong footwear.) Then find a public place with other vaguely fit people milling about doing sports and whatnot.

2. Be slightly glowing already (or if you sweat, that's okay too) and lean up against walls looking like you might have just run a bit of a half marathon.

3. Get your hair in order. Make a big show of nailing the perfect messy bun for your obviously rigorous routine.

4. Boxing is easy to fake. Bounce around a bit, pretend to punch some things. Make sure you have semi-decent form so you don't look ridiculous, but don't look serious enough that someone challenges you to a fight (especially if you're holding your arms as I am demonstrating, as you will get properly thrashed.)

5.  Appear to stretch intensively every ten minutes or so, as the chances are people are rotating, and this is the easiest way to pass time without actually putting up much effort.

6. Do some poses that might be yoga, but could also maybe be more stretching. Tai chi? Who knows.

7. Show off your guns. If you believe, so will everyone else.

Not even joking, people in the park thought I knew what I was doing. I was asked if I was a fitness blogger, which is making me question every fitness blogger I've ever seen doing a handstand on instagram.

Seriously though: it's summer, and, as my friends at Adidas NEO like to say: #NOWISEVERYTHING. (hashtag and all) You only get a few beautiful weeks of the best part of the year. Don't spend your summer worrying if doing 600 more squats will make it better. Go have fun, explore, spend time with your homies.

 Or if you're really attached to the whole work out thing: drag them to a park and at least have them photograph you for instagram. 

x J

pps. I honestly have no clue what I'm doing so please don't injure yourself trying to copy me.

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let's get cheeky

 I wear them, you (hopefully, if you're the person your mum and I have raised you to be) wear them.  Let's talk about underwear. I'll make it brief.

Underwear standards for women are ridiculous. Honestly. Society is trying to tell us that it is better to run about in ridiculously tiny knickers made of itchy fabric with rhinestones and lace and god knows what else. This is all a lie.  Because that is not comfortable + no way to treat ya bootay. But, as there always is when society is being silly, there is someone ~swimming against the tide~, in palm leaf printed briefs. Meet MeUndies. (Not MY undies, their name is "MeUndies", and they make MY undies. Clear?)

Lemme tell you - claiming to be "The Worlds Most Comfortable Underwear" is big talk for a small company out of LA. I was skeptical, to say the least, and determined to make them earn it. Thus launching two weeks of very serious underwear studies. (I can totally say this with a straight face too.) From their boyshorts to their cheeky briefs, I tried 'em all. Here is my conclusion: they're working black magic or something because these underwear are not a joke. Taking concepts from mens underwear (which they also make, so dudes, get at that. Girls like guys with nice underwear.) and combining their own secret techniques (voodoo?) they make underwear you wanna wear for life. Plus, they have really rad prints. Idk man, I'll take stripes and bright colors over silly slogans any day (Who is even reading those? Like really. Who?)

So if you love your butt like JLo loves hers, or if you're just sick of annoying underwear, get meundies. 

Not mine. Get your own. 
(Sorry, too easy.)

x J

ps. my talent for underwear puns has really come out these last few weeks.

pps. ((this is part of a series I'll be doing over the next couple of weeks on brands I love. Never forget my original promise - my love can't be bought with money or undies.))

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into the fog | san francisco

all photos taken with Fujifilm X30

Here is the great thing about California: you are never very far from the ocean, and the cities that sit along it. I live in the North, where the Pacific gets a little dark, a little wild. If this were Game Of Thrones, it'd be wilding country. There's no place where that is better displayed than in San Francisco and the beaches surrounding it. Even when it's sunny, the fog is juuuust there on the edge waiting to literally roll over you and settle in your bones. When you get to the beaches, there's small pebbles instead of sand and the ocean is not a friendly thing to go play in, but rather a smashing reminder of exactly how small you are. It's my favorite kind of nature.

On Sunday, my family decided to take a day off, pack up, and hit the road to SF. We wandered around Chinatown, picking up lotus cakes from the Eastern Bakery, lucky cats in one of the countless tourist trap stores, and thai tea because I'm an addict. My brother got a mango-fusion-someting, and it was gross, so he wanted it noted that he does not recommend it. Then we went down to Fishermans Wharf where we got absolutely skinned for parking. Honestly, it's a car, not a small country. But the best fish and chips in the bay are down there, so ya gotta do what ya gotta do. We also stopped at the Musée Mécanique, which is basically a massive warehouse crammed full of all the old arcade and carnival machines of your dreams (and nightmares). A 113-year-old fortune telling machine told me I am great but also awful, and so to not be like that, which I appreciated. My dad got to see a warship and was really excited. Once we had been sufficiently abused by the throngs of British tourists (looking at you, dude who caught his GoPro in my hair), we went to the Marin headlands to sit in the freezing wind and wonder why on earth there were dolphins. That's right. I have no photos of this, but there were dolphins. Everyone saw them, so it wasn't something in my boba. I also climbed to the top of a massive rock edge but in every photo I look absolutely terrified in a "this is awesome but I might die" way, so I'm just gonna spare you I think.

In other exciting news: I forgot to take a jacket so I am now the proud owner of a neon pink "SAN FRANCISCO" fleece. I'm not mad about it.

x J

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oh shes a camping queen

 all nice photos taken with fujifilm x30 - all not nice ones taken with sketch iphone

I know my skin is under all the dirt and bugspray but by now it's pointless trying to get it off.

THE CAT IS BACK. I have returned from camp, and it was fantastic. Every summer it gets better and better. I mean, I could have done without the spot of extreme heat exhaustion, dehydration, and fever I went through, but you know. *Kanye shrug*. The things 11 year old girls will gossip about are unbelievable. They're all Kate Sanders - no one will ever get away with being an outfit repeater. Beyond that though, it's nice to just take a week out and not talk to anyone but the people across from you at the breakfast table. What is not nice is hitting signal on your way out and the subsequent phone heart-attack. I had 583 unread emails. No chill out here on the internet. None.

I keep waiting for the feeling of ~summer has started~, and so it was a total jolt for me to realize today is literally halfway through the year. There are only six more months of 2015 left, and I have sO MUCH TO DO. Pray for me.

There was ONE thing that happened last year that you guys probably forgot about: I went dark for one day in July. Like deep, dark, code black dark. All you guys had was a snapchat check in at Burbank airport. FINALLY, I get to tell you: I was having lunch with Gordon Ramsay for a new show on the BBC.

There's really no way to follow that up with a decent closer, so just click this and enjoy.

The overalls are thus preserved forever.

x J

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this apple is not related to a tree


 As you guys know, waaaay back in January, I went on a whirlwind little trip to NYC with Madeline for a photoshoot with Teen Vogue, and we were in the May Issue. Now that all the dust/whatever else was in all that airplane air has settled, I can finally share my painstakingly detailed and slightly jet-lag tinged travel journal from the trip. Read on, padawan.


We hopped on a plane at midnight, thinking we’d arrive in time for an early breakfast, but alas, it wasn’t to be. (FYI: I never actually get breakfast at any point in this entire trip.) After being re-routed TWICE, (yo, winter storms? Not feeling you.) and hanging out in Philadelphia for a hour, we finally landed at JFK, just barely in time for lunch (which we also did not get) . Then it was straight to the Teen Vogue offices to start our shoot at One World Trade. After a quick tour, we headed out again to see the sights!  The neighborhood around the office is so cute, but our favorite sighting was a massive St. Bernard, because he was a dog, and dogs are great. After shooting, we got back to the office just in time to look around the famed fashion closet. I thought I had a lot of shoes, but let me just tell you - I’m a drop in the ocean. Once our time at Teen Vogue wrapped up, we went out in search of Starbucks and a subway to take us to the West Village. We proceeded to explore a local record shop, cuddling with their resident cats and picking up some vintage posters.  We also stumbled upon the Magnolia Bakery and had some of the BEST mini cheesecakes. I ate two, which is one and a half more than they recommend, and I regret nothing.  Dessert is always better to eat before dinner anyway. After doing some window - and then, actual- shopping, we took a taxi to Eatly. Pizza and pasta abounded, and travels to Italy were discussed. Finally, it was time to get to our hotel to rest up for the next day’s adventures!
 *Deep breaths*


Jet lag was not my friend when we decided to get up early so we could be at the Met when it opened - 8am New York time is 5am at home aka way too early amiright. We made it to the Met just in time to beat all the other tourists and see our favorite paintings before the crowds arrived. I’ve loved Monet since I was a child, and so getting to see some of his masterpieces in person was mindblowing. There’s an entire gallery with nothing but his paintings, and I could have probably moved in. We got lunch in the basement cafeteria (see? No breakfast.), but ate fast so we could go to the indoor statue garden. We spent five whole hours in the Met and never even made it to the New Museum. Back out on the street, we listened to a man sing some classics for a minute before walking down Madison Ave, wandering into bookstores and toy stores alike. (I got a copy of my favorite F. Scott Fitzgerald short story, The Diamond as Big as The Ritz, and a tiny rubber flamingo.) Then it was time for..wait for it.. TEA AT THE PALM COURT. Exactly as Eloise said, tea at the Plaza is rawther fancy and absolutely beautiful. After a trip downstairs to the Eloise store, where I gate crashed two five year  olds' dress up time, and a quick walk around Fifth Ave, we went back to the hotel to change outfits yet again! (That's like three outfits already.) This time we set out to do some serious damage in the massive stores in Times Square. We took the obligatory “Hey look there’s massive screens all around us!” photo and even landed on one of the megatrons. We got some Starbucks (So much iced coffee people. So much.) and started shopping. Forever 21, H&M, Sephora, Gap, MAC. No one was safe. Once we has sufficiently worn ourselves out, we went on the hunt for food. We ended up in the sketchiest pizzaria in some rando alley, and got a slice each, but then decided what we REALLY wanted was chinese food. We proceeded to walk off the pizza in Times Square, then took a taxi back to the hotel, where our concierge informed us that there was a fantastic Chinese place less that a block from our hotel. Thanks dude. Great timing you got there. "Fortunately" (unfortunately) it closed in 15 minutes, and we had to RUN - shopping bags and all- for it. The food was worth every gasping breath (I don’t run.) Our night ended with us eating chinese food in bed, watching reality tv. The glamorous life.

We got up early (AGAIN. It was getting ridiculous.), packed up our stuff, and hit the streets in search of coffee and the Empire State building. We could see it from our hotel room, and used that as our guide. I didn’t get my coffee, but I did get the stunning view from the 102th floor. Fun fact - the elevators you take from the 86th floor to the 102nd are the originals that came in the building. They don’t tell you that until you’re already in and moving. Once we got back down (and over our dizziness), we went back to Fifth Avenue for FAO Schwartz, because we’re both 5 year olds. Every toy you’ve ever imagined and quite a bit more live there. The Toy Soldier standing at the door was the friendliest person we met on our whole trip, posing for photos and talking to every kid (grown ups too) who came through. We took a quick refuel at (of course) Starbucks, and then went back out for a bit of a ramble round Central park. It’s massive, and theres no way to see it all, but we tried. Then we walked back to where we started and headed through the doors of the legendary Bergdorf Goodman. I’m sure we saw plenty of beautiful things, but all I  remember is the swirl of Valentino on the second floor. Then it was off to Tiffany’s to look at more diamonds than you’ve ever thought could possibly be in one place. Finally, finally, it was time to go home. We picked up some ~tourist-y~ gifts, and headed back to JFK where our flight, a nap, and Melissa’s cupcakes awaited us.

 Have I mentioned that I don't like New York City?

x J

ps. yup, still at camp.  

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into the bugspray

 Shirt : abercrombie
jeans: gap
backpack: c/o baggu
sunnies: zerouv
shoes: moheda toffeln

Sometimes, for an entire shoot, I get distracted by a chicken coop, and then not a single photo involves my face. It happens to everyone. Right?

This shirt is the only thing I have ever bought from Abercrombie, and it's probably my favorite. That doesn't seem super important until you realize how many striped shirts I have. It's really soft, and slouchy, and has a perfectly measured v-neck. This round to them. I found the jeans at the thrift store for $7, tags and all. I have fully converted to the boyfriend jean train, mainly because it's way too hot for the second skin that is the majority of my jeans. I mean, I'm not Sophia Vergara yet, but those things are tight. These ones have the perfect amount of distressing mixed with actual durability, so they can stand up to my...adventurous lifestyle. (aka extreme clumsiness.) I've also just stopped carrying a purse? I don't know if I'm getting lazier, or more casual, or if I just have too much stuff, but it seems much more practical to carry around a bright poppy backpack. 

I'm off to my seventh year at camp today! (You can read about my sixth year here) I am very excited, but there is approx. -0000 signal out there, so I'm signing out for a week. Hey, I heard you sighing. Don't worry, this does not mean our usual hiatus/technical difficulties, because I have discovered something remarkable: planning ahead. Light your Orange is the New Black prayer candles and hope it works out for us.

Speaking of: Ruby Rose. That's all.

x J

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justina in the huntington's garden

all photos taken with a fujifilm x30

It was a gray and gloomy and slightly rainy day in LA (I know, rain in LA.) when Sallie and I got in our heels and went to the Huntington Gardens for tea. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because as we all know, people from LA melt in the rain, so it was dead empty all day. I proceeded to take so many photos of this gorgeous place that I felt they were deserving of their own post. Here are a few things that are great about this place:

1. The Tea House. Not only is it a buffet of tea food aka the best tiny sandwiches ever, it's set right in the middle of the herb and rose gardens, so no matter where you're sitting you get a gorgeous view. It's also a lovely little tea service, and everything was delicious. Trust me. I ate a lot of it.

2. The Palm garden. All of the gardens are beautifully kept, and have an incredible amount of Very Important Flowers, and loads of garden art from all over the world, but THE PALM GARDEN. There's so many palm trees, it's like a 1960's postcard from Hawaii.

3. The House/Museum. If you are interested in 17th century European art and portraiture (Sallie) or just like to poke around old houses looking at windows and floors and chandeliers (me), this place is the jackpot. It's the home of Mr. Henry E. Huntington himself, and his wife, Arabella, had really good taste.

If you find yourself in LA, and you get a bit done with all the ~touristy parts~ (I still haven't), the Huntington is open year round, and different things happen in different parts of the park. If you want to sip (not spill) tea in the rose garden, I'd make a reservation. 

As much as I love glitz n glam, and the flashier parts of LA, it makes me happy to know that places like this exist, where you can go spend a day with no cars, or billboards, or cell signal. Just talking, drinking tea, eating your weight in smoked salmon sandwiches, and playing with plants. Or breaking your shoe, if you're Sallie. 

That's the way to live,
with giant leaves on your head,
  and one broken shoe.

x J

ps. class and grace are all very nice but ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK IS BACK

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LA LA LA LA LA (part 1)

HI GUYS. I spent a week in LA with Sallie and we both survived + are relatively unharmed. It's a miracle. (I definitely said it like this guy. You already know.) Basically, other than the fact that I discovered I am allergic to ~something~ in lasagna, I am winning at life. We went on some exceptionally exceptional adventures, even for us. Some were planned, most were not.  I'm probably going to be talking about it for quite a while, but we can get the bulk of the annoying "looking at someone else's vacation photos" part out of the way right now. If you already put up with the insufferable amount of photos I posted to instagram....you're tough. You'll make it.

If I may now direct your attention to the photos at the top of this post, ehemm:

1. Palm trees. Loads of 'em.
2. Sallies hat (and Sallie) at the Getty villa.
3. Some very snobby hipster lemonade with my very snobby hipster jeans. 
4. Sallies hat at the Getty villa, part 2.
5. "Your stupid elitist coffee" - the person who bought "coconut h20" aka coconut water aka SALLIE
6. Look, Sallie. Everything the light touches is our kingdom.
7. I'd look SUPER cute working at the original in n out
8. The real horror story here is the traffic we got into trying to get to the murder house
9. If I ate nothing but Porto's potato balls + pina colada smoothies for the rest of my life I'd be happy
10. Making our way back home. 7 hours. 300 miles. One audio book. Not enough coffee.

The best part of adventures like this is all the little things that happen in between, like my discovery of thai tea (tapioca and some ice, please) and the eighty million times we heard/screamed at the top of our lungs/lipsynced "Shut Up and Dance". When I forgot to pack any stripes, so I had to buy some new ones. (That's my story, and if my mum asks, it's totally airtight.) The charming way in which Sallie rolled her eyes and sighed every time I looked at her with "Will you PLEASE take a photo of me for  (insert assorted media platforms here)" in my eyes. Little moments like that don't go in a scrapbook.

But they do go on Instagram AMIRIGHT

x J

ps. of course there's a part two, do you think I just added "part one" for fun? no.
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